Monday, December 13, 2010

Transfer files between Symbian^3 Smart Phone and PC via WiFi - Speeds like Wireless USB

Cheers Duncan for this tip. It’s a nice simple QT app that let’s you transfer files over WiFi between your Symbian^3 handset (Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and future E7 and X7) and a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Price: It’s free from Ovi Store.
In the description it says:
“Dukto is a simple application to send and receive files, folders or text snippets from any Windows, Macintosh and Linux PC or device in your local network thorugh a WiFi connection. Simply start the application and select what to transfer. It doesn’t requires any installation on your PC or any Internet connection. Dukto is distributed free and open source.”
Although it says you don’t need PC installation, Duncan said there’s a “Computer Side Programme”
From the blog page, some comments included:
  • Transfer via WLAN is ridiculously fast! Bluetooth is way behind and most desktop PC do not have bluetooth built-in.
  • Really marvelous,fantastic,and impressive.
    I’ve been looking so such a service for months and I thought it is not possible to connect a cell phone with a computer via WLAN at time.
From the Ovi Store Reviews:
  • The perfect tool for transferring files via wifi. Works on windows 7.
  • very nice little program! very easy to use and needs no setup, neither on phone, nor on the computer, it just works.
I have not tried this out myself but sounds like a great way to avoid cables/card readers. I love file sending over BT but this would be like wireless USB almost, no?

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