Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nokia C6 Firmware Ported to Nokia 523x Series Phones - by PNHT - Custom Firmware Download

Bangg!! PNHT and hyperX present C6's Firmware for Nokia 523x Series Phones including Nokia  5230, Nokia 5228, Nokia 5232 and Nokia 5233. This firmware is available for 523x variants (Different RM-Versions) with latest version. Users with lower firmware version will have to upgrade !
- Widgets HomeScreen with access to latest widgets from Nokia/Ovi
- New browser/PhotoViewer
- New email app
- Full like C6 original with QuickOffice and Adobe Reader removed
- TTS fully working
- Ovi Store and Ovi Sync Fully working
- Maps 3.04 Original
- New Fully Working Language Packs (Arabic, Farsi, Thai ...)
- Prehacked using patched installserver
How to use this CFW:
1. Download the appropriate version for you phone basing on the correct model and variant (RM-xx)
2. If you plan to add your language, download the language pack from HERE and follow the steps
3. Download and extract the Camera Fix file. Then copy its content to ROFS2\resource\apps. This step is only necessary if you add another language. You need to perform it After importing the language, not before!
4. Copy the provided FW directory to you Products folder (See tutorial) and flash using JAF.
Warning: ROFS3 file mustn't be in the FW directory. If this file exists, delete it!

Hotfile Links

5230 RM-588 V21.0.4 users: The latest version for your phone is V21.6.5. I retrieved it using Navifirm. You shouldn't care anymore about your original phone version if you upgrade since it won't change a thing because we are using C6 V20 instead
Camera Fix Download

File Sonic: CameraFix
Hotfile: CameraFix

How to Flash this Firmware?

In order to flash this firmware on your respective Nokia 523x Symbian Devices, you would likely to need JAF. Though we don't have any of the 523x series phone, so we were not able to check it our self. We have used the C6's ported version for Nokia 5800 and that worked like a charm. But that firmware was eating hell lot of battery. Hope this firmware won't be having such issues. We have created a post regarding how to flash C6's firmware on Nokia 5800, you'll need to follow the same steps in order to use this firmware.

Warning! Read Carefully

- Don't Swap ROFS2 files between different phone variants. This will kill your phone!
- Don't flash using a higher version if you plan to revert back to an older version!
- Favorite contacts:Copy your old contacts to SIM, then Soft reset your phone. After that, copy from SIM to phone. It should work fine
- Before nagging about a bug, use the Search function and see if there is a solution. If not, post your bug in the forum.
- The FWs have been betatested on RM-588 and RM-625. If you encounter a bug on these versions, or other variants, report them here
- There is no way to remove themes that are in CORE. Don't waste your time asking about that.

Special Credits to:
HyperX, 008Rohit, Dan-av, Mexlamri, ashwinparakas, shadowninty, LPHS and everyone who helped with this porting.

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