Monday, September 6, 2010

Comparision between Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 - Symbian^3 Devices

Two new smartphone from Nokia, C7 and Nokia N8. both phone are powerful devices with Symbian^3 inside. however, Nokia C7 is being called as the younger brother of Nokia N8 because Nokia cut or reduced some features in C7. Nokia has slightly changed the features in C7 to target the low-end markets.

Nokia N8 vs Nokia C7
Here some important features which are not included or reduced on the Nokia C7:
  • HDMI is not present in C7
  • Internal memory is reduced to 8GB
  • 8 MP camera is installed in C7 instead of 12 MP camera
  • Price of Nokia C7 will be less i.e., about €300-320

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