Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smartphoneware Best Full Screen Message v4.00 - Symbian OS 9.x - S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 - SiS/SiSx App Download

Support/Info: S60v3/S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed
Best Spam Killer is the way to eliminate SMS spam effectively and to avoid SMS from unwanted persons. Spam Killer is SMS firewall that kills spam and junk messages before they reach your inbox thus filtered messages do not disturb you.
Filters can target specific phone numbers or number ranges (block by country, company, operator, etc), contacts or contact groups, or analyze the text content.
Spam SMS is automatically placed into Spam folder so your inbox remains free from spam. It's kept there for several days (customizable) and erased automatically after. If for some reason a legitimate SMS was flagged as spam, you can easily access it there.
You do not want to buy replica watches and viagra, get a diploma today or "win" a lottery you never took part in? Try Best Spam Killer and you won't have to waste your your time on such junk.
Features include:
* SMS firewall
* Highly customizable rules
* Silent delete. You won't be disturbed by junk message alarm or light
* Spam folder that keeps all messages marked as spam
* Auto cleanup. You can define for how many days a spam marked message should be kept in the Spam folder
* Service based - works in background and absolutely transparent to the user
What's new:
* Some spam messages are not send from a phone numbers but from a web server with a name as a sender. Now you can filter these "phone numbers" as well. Just type in the phone number field e.g. "Orange" and you will filter all messages from this address. Phone mask, phone prefix, and part of phone rules are also affected with this change.
* Spam Killer service doesn't crash any longer when a very large SMS comes
* Support for Symbian^3 devices is added

Click below to download
[symbianzone.us] best_spamkiller_s3_s60_3_and_5_v_2_00_sw.rar

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